Art Studio “ARTola”

Studio manager: Jolanta Miltenė
Phoen: +370 685 69612

Art studio ARTola, formed in 2017  in September, invited adult people of Plungė region to work actively and artistically to learn artistic expression and otherwise engage in cultural life.

The study works towards personal creative progress and positive targeted artistic activities.

The studio meets once a week, works 2-3 hours (depending on the specifics of the work).


  • promoting the development of creative arts;
  • to enable adults to create and present his or her works to the audience;
  • to promote public cooperation in cultural life;
  • contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage.


  • Development of artistic skills;
  • Removal of emotional tension;
  • Strengthening the sense of self-worth;
  • Promotion of positive forms of activity;
  • Development of creativity.