The ballet studio “Eglės baleto studija”

Artistic leader: Eglė Norkevičiūtė-Novoruckienė
Phone.: 8 675 20047
E-mail :

The ballet studio “Eglės baleto studija” was established in the culture center of Plunge in September of 2015. Its founder and artistic leader is Eglė Norkevičiūtė-Novoruckienė. Over five years the studio at the culture center has grown extensively and now it has around 140 children, learning the basics of ballet and developing their music and dance artistic competences.

The group participates in various projects, hosted by regional cultural institutions, in national and international contests, and returns with numerous awards. Many prizes have been won by both soloists and mass performances of the studio dancers. The ballet studio prepares children’s ballet performances every year.

The performances presented to the audience in Plungė were as follows: “The princess‘ flute”, “The spoilt princess”, “Orphans and the princess”. Currently, a joint project with the Symphony orchestra of Plungė culture center is under preparation – a performance called Thumbelina. As of September 2019 a balletmaster Emilija Lukošiūtė began working with the youngest members of the ballet studio.