A contemporary dance studio “Hera”

Head: Monika Aniščenko
Phone: +370 677 76173
E-mail: mgedgaudaite86@gmail.com

A contemporary dance studio “Hera” is an ideal place where the pulse of dance, good mood, and friendly interaction are felt. It is a place of harmony and leisure time, where dances create balance and release the soul.

Here gather jolly, energetic and enthusiastic 6 – 18 years old  students who want to participate everywhere. In a dance studio there are three age groups – children. junior and youth.

The members of the studio are taught  different types of dances (ballroom dancing, contemporary dance, zumba etc). Also, they form body plastic, posture, musicianship and stamina.

The dancers participate in republican events, projects, competitions and are prizewinners. Every year the members of the studio present their own created programs.

The dance classes take place on Monday and Wednesday at 3 pm – 6 pm. on Plunge culture centre’s 3rd floor lobby.