Plungė Cultural Centre AUDIMO Club

Director: Jolanta Miltenė
Phone.: +370 685 69612

The purpose of the weaving club is to continue the activities of the participants in the weaving craft workshop and to carry out an educational program for weaving crafts for adults and young people.


  • Continue the learning of weaving craft, delving into the traditions of weaving.
  • To accumulate various weaving-related material, prepare various weaving projects.
  • Collaborate with swedish Boksholm organization “Friend to friend” and Boksholm audas.
  • To participate with their fabrics, we organize folk art exhibitions and fairs.

The purpose of the weaving program is to enable anyone who has come to acquire the primers of weaving with hand-made machines, to know the variety of weaving.

The weaving Club of Plungė Cultural Centre offers educational activities for students “Weaving – folk interior textiles”.

During this education, pupils will be presented with traditional weaving with hand-made machines and various weaving exhibits.

Weaving club provides all necessary tools.

The session lasts 2-3 hours, depending on the number of people.

Educational program for students and older is carried out by pre-registration of the cultural center in the folk art room or by tel. 868569612 ( Jolanta Miltenė, Chair of LTS Plungė dp. )