Children and youth folk music ensemble

Head: Rita Džiaugienė
Phone: +370 683 07727

Lithuanian folk art is inexhaustible treasure from which you can refresh your soul and express the deepest feelings with various music sounds. The youngest folk music musicians with the greatest enthusiasm, honor and love are learning about their nation and developing noble feelings for their land.

The leader of the youth folk musicians is Rita Džiaugienė. She cherishes lithuanian folk music which is performed by various folk instruments, cooperates with other ensembles – children folk dance ensemble „Žirginėliai“, vocal women ensemble „Serbentėlės“.

The folk music ensemble annualy participates in various district festivals, accompanies for dancers in contests „Šoktinis“ and „Aguonėlė“ where diplomas are won. Also, the ensemble has represented their folk music for foreign listeners in international festivals who took place in Poland, Turkey, Croatia, Italy.

The repertoire of ensemble consists of lituanina folk music and other composer music, which is arranged by group leader. The youngest musicians dedicate their free time for art education and they are looking for various consonances in lithuanian folk music space.