The Wind Instruments Orchestra

Group leader: Romas Jasevičius
Phone: +370 615 41836

The orchestra was founded in 1992. The musicians of the orchestra are teachers of art school, students and graduates of art schools. Since then, the musicians have visited Germany, Denmark, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and The Netherlands. They have also played in numerous events  and festivals in various cities of Lithuania.

The orchestra regularly participates in the World Lithuanian Song Festivals and orchestra championships. In 2001, the orchestra was awarded the highest rating of amateur art associations “AUKSO PAUŠTĖ” (The Golden Bird). It won 2nd place in orchestra championship Group C in 2004, and in 2009 it was ranked 3rd. In 2018 the orchestra won 1st place in Group B.

The senior conductor and director of the orchestra Romas Jasevičius graduated from Klaipėda State Conservatoire in Klaipėda Faculty of Culture in 1976, specializing in orchestral conducting and has been working with the orchestra since its foundation.