Events organization and volunteer’s club

Head: Rita Raukaitė
Phone: +370 623 58961
E-mail :

In reason of initiative of Plunge Youth, in 2019 in Cultural Center of Plunge was established events organization and volunteering club. Currently, more than 20 young, active and highly creative people are discovering and realizing themselves in the club through various projects, events and volunteering at events of other cities.

The Cultural Center of Plunge events organization and volunteering club actively involves young people in the comprehensive process of organizing an event – from the idea generation, to the generation of the event. In this process of organizing an event, young people, in their favorite areas, have the opportunity to put their thoughts and ideas into practice, develop their various abilities, notice their talents and strengths, and grow themselves as a persons.

The young people who attend the club develop their organizational and coordination skills, public speaking, text writing, self-discipline, stage culture, communication, collaboration and more. Creativity, which is expressed here in the most diverse, unexpected and interesting ways, is inseparable from the activities of the club.

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