The children and youth national dance ensemble “ Žirginėliai”

Head: Sonata Kazlauskytė
Phone: +370 655 40943

During the thirty fife years of activities the children and youth national dance ensemble “ Žirginėliai” has participated and  earned many victories at amateur art contests, has been among laureates in various art reviews, has been recognized and awarded at International Children’s Festivals .

The ensemble is present in every Song and Dance festival, the town’s events. It performs not only at its homeland , it has  visited and  captivated the attention of folk art fans at its concerts in many European countries  – Poland, Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Turkey, Macedonia, Latvia, Greece,  North Cyprus, Marocco, the Ukraine , Croatia.

The program of the ensemble embraces the unique images of Lithuanian celebrations and festivities, serious work-cycle dances, as well as various specialized character dancing.

All the children and young people, engaged in the ensemble activities, understand and appreciate the value of folk art. This artistic direction is of the main focus for the current artistic director of the ensemble Sonata Kazlauskytė, the folk band leader Rita Džiaugiene.

There are 5 groups of dancers in the ensemble now and musicians. The children and young people, playing and dancing in the ensemble, are from 6 to 18 years old. The ensemble for them is the best way of spending their leisure time; they come for rehearsals after school. All the children and young people, participating in the ensemble, move through their lives with love for their ensemble, they enrich the ensemble with their sincerity and energy as well.