Vocal ensemble

Head: Valentina Balčiauskienė
Phone: +370 699 47965
E-mail: vbalciauskiene@gmail.com

It is a group of art lovers with many years of experience, real singing enthusiasts.

For nearly four decades, he has nurtured the nation’s art, traditions of the past, and strengthened the bond between families and society. It is a participant and prize winner of song festivals, concerts, commemorations, various competitions and festivals.

The team includes people from a variety of backgrounds, from sewing technologists to doctors, educators, and clerks. However, the profession is not the most important – everyone is united by the desire to socialize and spend their leisure time meaningfully.

The repertoire of the ensemble is very diverse. The dance and song ensemble „Suvartukas“ brings a joint concert program with an original and harmonized Lithuanian folk songs and dances. The credo of the collective: cherishing the folk song is the duty bestowed by fate.